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Positive Body Image Around the World


Women are no longer sitting around to let the media define them. Taryn Brumfitt is one of those women. She is a mother, author and the founder of Body Image Movement. She is also the creator of the documentary called “Embrace.” Brumfitt went on a quest to help empower women to be comfortable in their bodies.


For years the media has been very influential. It has painted a false picture of what beauty is. The models on magazines and billboards are usually tall, thin, and have flawless skin.



This has caused women around the world spend billions of dollars on cosmetics and procedures to achieve this false standard of beauty. As a result, the rates of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders have increased.


In her documentary “Embrace,” Brumfitt said she founded the Body Image Movement after she had an epiphany in 2012. “After I had my children I ended up hating how my body looked,” Brumfitt said. “I was going to have a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.” But one day while Brumfitt was watching her daughter play, she questioned what message she would send her daughter if she went through with the surgery. So she decided not to get it.


Instead, she entered a bodybuilder competition but, even after she got to her ideal weight she still felt like it wasn’t worth it. One day she met with some friends and she discovered they were also struggling with their body image. In an effort to help them, she posted a before and after picture online.



The first picture was when she was that thin body builder and the second was when she was a larger woman. The picture went viral because it breaks the stereotype of what women are supposed to look like in a before and after picture. Brumfitt received thousands of heartbreaking emails from women with body image issues.


From that moment on, she felt an obligation to help women around the world feel comfortable in their own skin. She has worked hard to create curriculum and use her movement to help women.


“In your lifetime there will be people who will tell you that you need to change, but you don’t,” Brumfitt said. “The purpose of your life is not to be an ornament to be looked at but, rather do and feel and accomplish and contribute.




By Angel Johnson

Contributions from “Embrace”



Angel Johnson