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Who is Marine Le Pen’s domestic partner

Louis Aliot (born 4 September 1969) is a French politician, a lawyer by profession, vice president of the Front National since 16 January 2011 and Marine Le Pen’s boyfriend.

While Emmanuel Macron’s relationship to his wife, Brigitte Macron, who is 25 years older than his, has received wide media coverage lately, Marine Le Pen’s boyfriend has remained in the background, not receiving media scrutiny.

A member of the Front National Executive Office, Executive Committee and Central Committee, Louis Aliot has been a regional councilor since 1998. During the 2012 presidential election, Aliot was the operational head of Marine Le Pen’s campaign and one of her spokesmen.


Ailot has scoffed at the idea he could become the first “First Man” in France’s history, saying he would not settle in the Elysée Palace if Le Pen is elected president, according to the Independent. He said his role would be one of a “husband” and that that he would not interfere with state affairs, France Soir reports.

This is detailed in Alix Bouilhaguet’s new book “Les Couloirs de Madame”, which examines the would-be presidential pair. According to the book, Aliot said voters “didn’t elect a couple at the Elysée, but a man or a woman. Their partners should not have a say nor move into the Elysée.”

In fact, Aliot is reportedly waiting for the election results to “go back home to the south of France, and go fishing and sailing with his friends” and “doesn’t want any harm to be done to Ms Le Pen through him”.

Joanna Lewis