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“The dress” reloaded: What colours do you see in this photo?

A few years ago, “the dress” had everyone on the Internet talking. Now another picture is making waves – that of a pair of sandals and athleisure wear.

Ever since a picture of a pair of sandals, a Nike top and shorts was posted on Facebook, people began arguing. Some are seeing teal and grey, while others pink and white, as the Indian Express reports.

However, when looking through the comments section of Facebook, people are also seeing colour combinations like red-blue. “It has to do with certain pigmentation in your eyes. Many people see different shade of colors. Everyone’s eyes are different. Its exactly like the dress. If you saw white and gold with the dress you are going to see Grey and teal. If you saw black and blue, you’re going to see pink and white,” another Facebook user wrote.


Daisy Wilder