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This is the biggest dog in Britain. It weighs as much as a baby elephant


Balthazar, a Blue Great Dane, has recently been confirmed as the largest dog in Britain, weighing as much as a baby elephant.

The seven-foot long dog weighs 95 kilograms and eats 30 kilograms of dog food per week, which cost its owners over £100.

46-year-old Vinnie and 39-year-old Dixie Monte-Irivine, Balthazar’s owners, recently went to the vet and they discovered that Balthazar is also almost 20 kilograms heavier than the world’s tallest dog. “He is a big dog and we were told from when he was a lot smaller that he was always quite heavy for his age,” said Vinnie.

Biggest dog in Britain

“He isn’t a fat dog though as you can still see his ribs. We took him to the vets as he has a poorly leg and he needed to be weighed to see how much medication he can take. After he was weighed everyone at the surgery was gobsmacked and we were all just Googling to see if he was actually the world’s heaviest living dog,” Vinnie continued.

Despite its size, the family states that Balthazar is a friendly giant that loves to play with children and the three cats owned by Vinnie and Dixie.

“They see themselves as a pack and will usually all come out on a walk together. We have three cats, Magic, Buffy and Leo. Buffy and Leo sleeping on either side of him when they go to bed,” Vinnie concluded.

John Michaelle