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A new trend among young women: glitter and jewels instead of clothes – VIDEO

A new trend targeted at the baldest young women seems to become increasingly popular, and this is because it truly makes them glow.

The trend involves shiny body jewels that are meant to be applied directly onto the skin. The young women seem to be fans of this new trend, especially those that love exposing body parts which are normally covered. Once the summer is settled in, the trend might become even more popular, since an online store selling such accessories has over 119,000 followers on Instagram.


Jewels instead of bra – a trend promoted by celebrities

The whole hype regarding jewels for breasts exploded on social media after several top models and celebrities made public appearances with breasts decorated with unusual jewels.

One of them is British model Binx Walton, who walked on the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week with her left breast decorated with body jewels. Miley Cyrus is also a fan of thIS new trend, as she was also photographed wearing the eccentric body jewels.

Lacey Blair