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Man who sets us service for to get violent with objects is arrested for attacking stepfather


Opening up a ‘Rage Cage’ to encourage people to take their anger out on inanimate objects is basically a way of training them to get violent when they’re upset. Proving that theory, the founder of the Rage Cage – Zaac Spencer – brutally attacked his disabled stepfather

It’s no surprise that the guy who thought this was a great idea lost it with his father in law, and beat him so severely that Neil Walker spent three days in the hospital. Given that a lot of breast cancer patients are asked to go home the same day as the operation, you can imagine how seriously injured Mr Walker was – his haemophilia means once Neil starts bleeding, he doesn’t stop. “I raised Zaac from the age of seven, he knows all about my medical condition and the consequences and he still beat me like this.”

Zaac Spencer opened his Rage Cage in the East Midlands, offering people an opportunity to unleash their frustrations on old computer equipment and office furniture using a baseball bat. It sounds quite fun, but think about how it works. You get annoyed, and rather than learn to deal with the grievance either through talking things through or letting them pass, you get into a state of rage and break stuff.


This kind of conditioning can happen pretty easily, without someone knowing it. A lot of computer game players report a similar effect when they’ve been playing a violent computer game. For a short while after finishing, some react to real world simulation as if it was happening digitally – thankfully without the game’s weapons at hand.

Adrian Reynolds