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This city in the USA banned cars since 1898

Mackinac Island and its namesake city are a true oasis in the USA, as the city banned cars since 1898.

When the first automobiles arrived on Mackinac Island in the late 19th century, some locals even deemed them as “mechanical monsters”. Therefore, in  1898 the Mackinac village council decided to ban the automobiles before they would take over the city. The ban has yet to be repealed in the small and quiet city.

Life there is pretty peaceful for most of the year, with 500 people living there and numbers soaring to 15,000 during the tourist season. The transportation on Mackinac is limited to walking, horse-drawn carriages, and bicycling, with a couple of emergency vehicles present just in case.


For most tourists, Mackinac is a place where they can basically time travel and experience life before vehicles.

Lydia Peirce