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Passenger tries to bite flight attendant, then leaps off plane

An American Airlines passenger is in federal lockup in North Carolina after being accused of attacking a flight attendant and then leaping off a plane, The Washington Post reports.

22-year-old Tun Lon Sein reportedly got out of his seat as American Airlines flight 5242 pulled away from the gate and he tried to force the main door open. A flight attendant and two passengers quickly responded and tried to stop Sein, to which he responded by ”trying to bite” the crew member and then going looking for another door to get off the plane.

The restless passenger managed to get a door in the galley open and, for unknown reasons, he jumped from the plane. He then headed toward the taxiway, but two airport workers managed to intercept him in time.


Sein’s actions might lead to him spending up to 20 years in prison.

Lydia Peirce