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“Rat Cafe” opens in San Francisco, with live rats running around

A new cafe is set to open in San Francisco for anyone that might be fond of rats.

Rats will be the center of attention at this cafe that will be hosted by an establishment called The San Francisco Dungeon. It will be the world’s first intentional “Rat Cafe”, according to San Jose Mercury.

The concept is similar to cat cafes, where people pay to drink their coffee and have a snack in the company of pet cats. Here, you might share your table with large, curious rats instead. Altough they are tame, they are still surrounded by a huge hygienic stigma.


The cafe has an animal-friendly purpose, as MNN reports. If any of the clients begin to bond with the rats, they will have the opportunity to adopt one via a Bay Area nonprofit that rescues, rehabilitates and puts rats up for adoption.

While wild rats can carry diseases, domestic rats are social, clean and display impresive intelligence levels. They can be trained and make lovely companions. The Rat Cafe will be open only for two days, on July 1 and July 8, 2017. The admission fee will be $49.

Daisy Wilder