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This island cannot be visited by women, and the reason is rather strange

The Japanese island of Okinoshima cannot be visited by women, with the official explanation being a rather strange one.

The island with crystal waters and lush vegetation cannot be visited by women, with the only official explanation of this ban being ”religious purposes”. Okinoshima is considered sacred land by the local Munakata Taisha and is home to only one temple and a single employee that looks after it.

Moreover, the men that visit the island must strip naked and perform a purification ritual, otherwise, they cannot set foot on the island.


The restrictions expand after their visit as well, as they are forbidden from disclosing details about their trip or the island to anyone.

The island received a recommendation from the International Council on Monuments and Sites so as to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to the over 80,000 artefacts found on the island, but a change in status will not alter the no-women policy.

Takayuki Ashizu, the chief priest at Munakata Taisha, said that they would not open the island to the public because “people shouldn’t visit out of curiosity.

Lydia Peirce