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The mystery of the stone spheres in Costa Rica. Archaeologists have no explanation – VIDEO

An island belonging to Costa Rica has become a touristic hotspot for an unusual reason. It is neither the beach nor the crystal waters that attract tourists, but the mysterious stone spheres found here.

Isla del Cano has over 300 stone spheres. Known as ”Las Bolas”, these are attributed to the lost culture of Diquis. However, nobody managed to discover so far why the stones were shaped like this, according to

The spheres have various sizes: the smallest has a diameter of 2 meters, while the largest one weighs around 16 tones.


The first writings on ”Las Bolas” date from the late 1930s. They are surrounded by legends, though. Some claim these would come from the old continent of Atlantis. Others believe they were made by the island’s native inhabitants, with a potion that could soften and shape the stone.

There is also the belief that the spherical stone were used for marking tombs or properties of leaders at the time.

The archaeologists have yet to find the full explanation.

Diane Stinsow