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Explication of quantum entanglement


“The two could travel light-years apart, and the spin of each would remain correlated with that of the other” – Natalie Wolchover, Quanta Magazine

Quantum entanglement originally was presented to Einstein by Schrödinger in 1935 and then again in 1936 with a second explicative article. To explain the eerie discovery that two atom’s interaction with each other in one instance can allow behavioral pattern prediction. Also, that they correlate with each other sometime after their departure from the event of meeting, affecting each other’s revolution or spin.

Two beings when in contact with each other, especially intimately, emulsifying energies have the same effect on each other as do singular atoms. They are after all composed of large masses of atoms. Our atoms then become entangled and correlate (even apart) with each other only for a certain number of months thereafter.


However, after applying this philosophy of quantum entanglement, because of the severity or energetic power involved in intimate love relationships, two beings become entangled atomically and energetically for much longer than a few months. The electromagnetic energy that we emit is an indication of how powerful our atomic fields are. If one singular atom holds the power to change the spin of another singular atom, the energy force in our whole body can affect another being’s multitude of atoms.

What does this mean? It is of the utmost importance that one is cognizant of encounters and associations, especially on intimate levels. If you do not want to be aligned with their energy or patterns of behavior, you can energetically shield oneself, avoid said individual, or those types of people. If shielding is something you are not familiar with, then it is best to dismiss and walk away from these things that do not resonate with your true desires.

There is also a spiritual alchemy one can practice whilst communicating with individuals. The root of changing all energy is thought. So, people can utilize the power of thought to immediately transmute all negative energy with thought and visualization. That means you must change your personal feelings or energetic perception of an encounter to a positive feeling (for example: compassion).


There are several instances throughout the course of the day in which we may feel like someone made us feel worse or even boosted our energy. Now you can face the world armed with the scientific evidence of what is happening in your everyday life. Atomic spin effects communication and interaction on a grand scale and makes the world go round.

Sylvia Monique