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This tiny house has a very unusual shape

A self-taught architect built in Texas a tiny house that is boot-shaped, reports.

Dan Philips of Phoenix Commotion, a firm that focuses on building affordable homes by using reclaimed materials, designed a boot-shaped house in Huntsville,Texas.

The unusual home features two bedrooms, one bath and one kitchen and it even has a rooftop deck that offers a stunning view.


It is also connected to a small bungalow that has a wrap-around porch, so as to increase the total floor-space to 711 square feet.

Boot shaped house

Since the home was built from reclaimed materials, the interior follows the same path, with shards of tiles making up the mosaic flooring, walls clad in wood pieces collected from other building sites and vintage record covers plastered on parts of the ceiling.

Boot shaped house

Phoenix Commotion has constructed over 20 eco-friendly and affordable homes in the area, with future tenants also helping during the construction. Most of them tend to be families with low incomes.

Lydia Peirce