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Postcard reaches destination after 53 years. The message that did not make it to its recipient

A postcard sent in 1965 reached its destination 53 years after it was sent. It is a postcard sent by a woman who lived in southern Berlin, Frieda Lehmann, who was supposed to receive it from her grandchildren. Unfortunately, by the time the message reached its destination the woman died, according to the German media.

The senders are not known for sure, the message dates back to January 26, 1964, it starts with “Dear grandmother” and is signed “Your children”. It seems that the woman’s grandchildren were rather concerned that she hadn’t written to them in quite a while and were curious if the wool “arrived”.

Unfortunately, the postcard, that features several images from Berlin, wasn’t delivered until last week, 53 years after it was sent and long after grandmother Frieda died.


The message was delivered in an office building in Luckenwalde, where it was taken by an employee named Peggy Gerike, according to

She made some research in the area about Frieda Lehmann and discovered that she really lived there, but that she died in the meantime. Then the woman went to the post office in order to discover where the postcard was lost for 53 years, yet nobody managed to solve the mystery.

Lacey Blair