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A young girl who is believed to have been living with monkeys for several years was found in India


A young girl who is believed to be around 8 to 10 years old and to have been living with monkeys in the jungle for several years was rescued by police in northern India.

The girl named by doctors Durga, after the Hindu warrior goddess of destruction, was rescued after being spotted in the company of three moneys by a police posse in late January in Katarniaghat Wildlife sanctuary in Bahraich district, south-east of New Delhi, near the Ganges River. When she was found she had been “horribly week” and malnourished and her body was covered with wounds and sores.

The girl is cared by a team of psychologists and physiotherapists and, according to doctors from a hospital in Bahraich, she was gradually shedding her animal-like traits and “becoming human” after she was found by police eight weeks ago and brought in for treatment, The Telegraph reports.


Dr Arun Lal, the district chief medical officer who visited her, said that, despite the visible evolution she made during this time, the girl is still unable to communicate except through irritable, unintelligible muttering. He also said that now she is standing on two legs and walking around normally, after the first few weeks in hospital she walked on all fours.

Moreover, the girl was now consuming vast quantities of food and was in “much better physical shape”.

At first she was “highly aggressive”, avoided human contact and was constantly trying to flee the hospital.

But recently the girl started responding to humans around her and occasionally even held hands with some of the doctors and nurses.

“The fact that she is responding to humans shows that she has some memory of living with them,” Lal said.

The hospital will soon conduct a radiology test on her to try and determine her true age.

John Michaelle