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Ashley Graham and Jordyn Woods speak about the importance of inclusivity and body confidence behind the scene of NYFW


Ashley Graham and Jordyn Woods have quickly become role models for women who struggle with feeling good and looking fabulous.

In an effort to boost the importance of body positivity and self love, the models opened up about what they’d like to see next in the world of fashion. The pair were set to walk the runway of Addition Elle at NYFW. The show featured beautiful curvy, plus size models in everything from lingerie to tiny dresses.

“We need to get past [the] blame game and everyone has to do their part. They buyers, the designers, the consumers, if we work together, things can start to happen more seamlessly,” Ashley Graham told InStyle.


Graham reminds the fashion industry that size doesn’t define fashion itself and consumers come in all shapes and sizes. She also stresses that it isn’t only about the clothing, but how it makes the women wearing the clothes feel.

“Your individuality is your greatest gift,” Woods stated. “Understand that no one is you and that’s so powerful.”

“Get over the insecurities! Get over it! I’m walking on the runway in lingerie, these photos will go over the world. I’ve got cellulite, I’ve got back fat. I told myself to get over it. I’m doing this for all the young girls and boys who ever had an insecurity or ever thought they weren’t good enough. This is why I do the show,” Graham continued on to say.

Both Woods and Graham have proven time and time again to be positive and influential role models for teens and adults alike who struggle with body confidence.

Samantha Torres