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Evan Rachel Wood’s entertainment career


Learn about the career of one of the hottest actresses working in film and television today.

Born on September 7,1987, Evan Rachel Wood was originally from North Carolina. She began acting in 1994 in a series of made-for-television films. It was not until she starred in Thirteen (2003) that she became a big name in Hollywood. Her leading role as Tracy Freeland earned her a Golden Globe nomination. Her second nomination would not come again until she appeared in a supporting role in the highly successful made-for-television film Mildred Pierce (2011). However, her co-star, Kate Winslet, did earn the Golden Globe for playing the eponymous Mildred Pierce. Evan Rachel Wood has yet to receive an actual Golden Globe, but she did receive critical acclaim as well as a nomination for the highly popular dramatic series Westworld. Her upcoming projects include the recently completed film Viena and the Fantomes and the nearly completed A Worthy Companion, which is currently in post-production. Evan Rachel Wood might have just turned thirty, but she did achieve a lot over the past few decades.

Alex Phuong