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Rose McGowan’s magical career


Learn about one of the best actresses working in television and film today.

Born on September 5, 1973, Rose McGowan started her entertainment career in 1990. One of her first roles was as Suzanne on the TV series True Colors. She also appeared in the role of Tatum Riley in the seminal horror classic Scream (1996). After her start in the entertainment world, McGowan got her big break in the role of Paige Matthews on the magical television series Charmed. This show remains a classic in modern television because it involves magical witches battling the forces of evil. A very unique part about this show was that McGowan’s character magically changes her hair in order to accommodate the fact that McGowan wanted to have a new hairstyle. Besides this magical series, McGowan also appeared on another series involving magic, which was Once Upon a Time in the role of “Young Cora.”

Even after the end of those television series, McGowan still continues to diversify her acting roles. She recently completed The Sound (2017) in the role of Kelly Johansen. It is uncertain where her career would go from here, but it is clear that McGowan has bewitched audiences for many years.


Alex Phuong