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Want to steal the looks of Victoria’s Secret Angels? Follow these tips by supermodel Sara Sampaio

The models from Victoria’s Secret, better known as Angels, are famous around the world for their looks and their exquisite beauty routines. Supermodel Sara Sampaio has recently given an interview for Elle Magazine, in which she shares 6 beauty tips that help her maintain those angelic looks. 

Sampaio’s first beauty tip might seem a bit obvious, but she emphasized it, stating that if all is good in this department, she does not need anything else: she washes her hair on a daily basis. “With my hair, I only need two things: A good haircut and a good conditioner. If I don’t have any time to do anything else, I’m good to go. I work almost every day and when I get home, I have a lot of products in my hair. The one thing that I hate is going to bed with my hair dirty with products because then it gets onto my skin and I start breaking out, so I tend to always take a shower at night before I go to bed. If you’re lazy, or you’re like ‘I can do one more day without washing my hair,’ I’ll do a messy ponytail and use dry shampoo for texture,” she explains.

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Also regarding the way she takes care of herself, Sara Sampaio stated that body treatments are especially important to her, especially massages. “I do a lot of massages. I don’t do facials because I do believe that less is more. I’m an anxious and stressed person, so my shoulders and neck and back get really tight and really sore, so I have to get massages. I get a lot of foot massages. I have a physical therapist and she does my massages,” she explains.

Regarding her beauty routine, Sampaio confesses that she absolutely loves experiment with various looks on the red carpet and that highlighter is the one product that she simply cannot leave the house without. “The thing I love about red carpets is that you get to try so many different things–you can completely change your style. There was a while where I was doing a lot of sleek, straight hair with a middle part. Lately, I really love mixing it up,” she says about the glamour of the spotlight. “I really love highlighter. Benefit Watt’s Up. When I’m going to events I’m like ‘More highlighter!’ Before I leave the house, I’ll put on a little bit more. I love when you just turn and the light hits and it looks very healthy,” the model states.

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The last beauty tip Sara Sampaio gave is the constant use of hair oil. She is a big fan of it, as hair oil maintains her locks healthy and runway-perfect. “I love to use Moroccanoil Treatment Original. I use it every day and usually after showering and even if you shower at night. I’ve actually used it for years before I became an ambassador. I always travel with a small travel size. You never run out of it,” she says.

Lydia Peirce