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Justin Bieber ran over paparazzo


What Happened?

The paparazzo who got ran over by Justin Bieber spoke out and said that singer was a “good kid” and “compassionate”. Justin Bieber alleged hit the photographer on Wednesday night after driving in a pick-up truck from Beverly Hills Church. In a video posted by the photographer on Instagram, while he was laying in a hospital bed he then starts to say that Bieber had hit him a hour before his birthday. He then adds that he believes the truck was a little to big for him, because there was no way he could see in front of him. It was on a slope. The photographer was called ‘Shotgetter’, was quick to come to the singers defense.

The photographer liked how Justin Bieber quickly got out of his car to make sure he was okay. The photographer said hopefully everything works out for Justin Bieber, Then he continued to say I am going to get ready to go get my X-Rays. This situation further remained Justin Bieber’s fans that he cancelled his ‘Purpose World Tour’ and is rumored to be starting up his own church.


Amanda Lalljee