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Sandra Bullock and her Rise to Fame


Learn about the career of one of the most popular actresses working today.

Born on July 26, 1964, Sandra Bullock has had a remarkable career. She has played both dramatic roles and comedic parts. She even played a witch alongside Nicole Kidman! Since today is her 53rd birthday, this is a look at the Oscar-winner’s contributions to entertainment.



Sandra Bullock then went on to become one of the highest-grossing actresses of all time with the release of The Blind Side. Based on Michael Oher’s extraordinary true story, Bullock plays Leanne Tuhoey, the mother who defied the odds by welcoming an African-American teenager into her comfortable white suburban lifestyle. The film version of this life-fulfilling story earned Bullock her first Academy Award. The film also received a Best Picture nomination even though some critics argued that it only received that in order to attract more viewers to the Oscar telecast.


Bullock went on to star in another blockbuster in 2013 in which she played Dr. Ryan Stone in Gravity. This film received multiple Academy Awards for its technical brilliance. Alfonso Cuarón also directed Bullock, which earned her another acting nomination while he himself became the first Latino to win the Oscar for Best Director.


Bullock has also been keeping herself busy with a wide variety of parts, including some raunchy comedies. She co-starred alongside Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy in The Heat, and starred alongside George Clooney once again in Our Brand is Crisis in 2015. During her Oscar acceptance speech, Bullock noted that she still had a grudge against Clooney after he threw her into a swimming pools many years ago. Nevertheless, it is clear that Sandra Bullock is still going strong after being in show business for a long time.

Alex Phuong