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Matt LeBlanc’s television career


Learn about the career of one of the most popular television actors working today.

Born on July 25, 1967, Matt LeBlanc has had one of the most interesting careers ever. He has played “Joey” during all ten seasons of the hit television show Friends, received one Golden Globe (along with several nominations), and has even starred on his own spin-off show! All of this proves that Matt LeBlanc is definitely a skilled comedian.

Before coming to Hollywood, Matt LeBlanc was originally from Massachusetts. His chance to play Joey Tribiani on Friends really was the role of a lifetime because he played a character that made audiences laugh for more than two decades since the show’s original premiere in 1994. One of his most memorable catch phrases from the show is, “Hey, how you doin’?” That simple question eventually became one of the most iconic lines ever spoken.


After the hit series ended in 2004, Matt LeBlanc received his own spin-off show entitled Joey, which came about after the success of Friends. This particular show earned him a Golden Globe nomination, but did not generate the same amount of popularity as the original sitcom. He did, however, win a Golden Globe for playing himself on the show Episodes. It looks like Matt LeBlanc really is an entertainer.

Alex Phuong