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Anna Paquin’s memorable roles


Learn about the fascinating career of the first millennial to win an Academy Award.

Born on July 24, 1982, Anna Paquin appeared in the Academy Award-winning film The Piano at a very young age. When she received the Oscar in early 1994, she became one of the youngest actresses to win an Oscar for acting. An interesting fact about Paquin is that her co-star, Holly Hunter, competed against Paquin in the “Best Supporting Actress” category that same year, and then Hunter went on to win the Oscar for her leading role in The Piano that same night.

After Paquin’s instant rise to fame, she went on to have a variety of different roles. She played the young Jane Eyre in the 1996 adaptation of the famous novel. She also appeared on the popular television show True Blood as Sookie Stackhouse between 2008 and 2014. Another famous television production that she was a part of was the TV Mini-Series Roots as Nancy Holt in Part 4.


Even though she began her career as a child, Paquin is doing extremely well as an adult. Some of her upcoming projects include the TV series Alias Grace in the role of Nancy Montgomery. Anna Paquin might have only won one Golden Globe and one Oscar, but her future looks bright as she challenges herself with different acting opportunities.

Alex Phuong