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Tribute to River Phoenix


Learn about one of the greatest rising stars from the 1980s prior to his untimely passing.

Born on August 23,1970, River Phoenix was given the birth name “River Jude Bottom” from his mother (a secretary) and his father (a carpenter). River Phoenix was a rising child star during the 1980s. He received nominations for both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for his supporting role in Running on Empty (1988). Unfortunately, he lost the Golden Globe to Martin Landau for Tucker: The Man and His Dreams and the Academy Award to Kevin Kline for A Fish Called Wanda. Nevertheless, River Phoenix’s career was definitely as fluid as a river because he appeared in a wide variety of films ranging from Stand By Me (1986) to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). One of his last roles was as James Wright in The Thing Called Love (1993) until his untimely death on Halloween that same year. Interestingly, Phoenix had a posthumous appearance as “Boy” in Dark Blood (2012). River Phoenix might have died tragically at the age of 23 from a drug-induced heart failure, but his legacy lives on.

Alex Phuong