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Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop!


Madonna’s 59th birthday is also a celebration of a remarkable career against the odds!

This week the Queen of pop Madonna celebrated her fifty ninth birthday. For her fans this is not just a birthday celebration,  but also the fact that for someone who was written off as a one hit wonder,been through several career and personal trials and tribulations she still holds the Queen of Pop title.

As part of Madonna’s birthday celebrations Vogue featured Madonna on their cover, which also showcases how Madonna has influenced fashion for three decades and continues to do so. Vogue highlighted Madonna’s fashion highlights over the years from “Material girl” to “ Like a Prayer”.


Approaching sixty Madonna is showing no signs of slowing down as she is about to launch an MDNA skincare. At an age when most people think about retirement Madonna continues to make music, tour, direct films etc.

Madonna’s tours are not for the faint- hearted , with very high energy singing, dancing, playing guitar, costume changes and touring several continents. “This is it” was going to be Michael Jackson’s last tour. Leading up to his death Prince’s last performances were less physical due to health problems.

However this legend status has come with a price. At the start of her career Madonna’s voice was mocked for sounding like “Mickey Mouse on speed”. She had to fight for the role of Eva Peron in Evita. Madonna talked about her career trials and tribulations last year in a speech she made  at the Billboard Women in Music Awards. In this speech Madonna thanked everybody for being able to continue her career for thirty four years despite going through bullying,abuse and sexism. Madonna pointed out it was fine for Prince to go around in  suspenders and fishnets,  when Madonna did it she was called a “whore”.

As well as trying times in her career there were struggles in Madonna’s personal life, she also endured financial hardships. With only $35 to her name Madonna moved to New York at the age of nineteen. There were times when she was eating from dustbins and living on Tuna and Popcorn. To make ends meet Madonna posed nude for Art classes, worked at Dunkin Donuts and the fee for her first acting job was a megre $100. During her time in New York Madonna was also gang raped. Her marriage to Sean Penn did not bring a fairytale end ,as there was violence involved. More recently Madonna endured a very public custody battle with her second ex husband Guy Ritchie over their son Rocco.

Madonna’s birthday is also a celebration of a legend who against the odds has had an amazing career. In the icons own words Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney Houston have gone but Madonna is still here, the undisputed queen of Pop.

Still continuing to shock everyone her fans are excited to see what Madonna’s stage shows will look like in her sixties.

Mayapee Chowdhury