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Viola Davis’s film career


Learn about one of the most popular actresses working today.

Born on August 11, 1965, Viola Davis is currently one of the most popular actresses working today. She finally received her first Academy Award after two previous nominations for playing “motherly figures.” Her first Oscar nomination was for playing a mom caught in a tangled web of lies in Doubt (2008). A very remarkable achievement was the fact that she only had two brief scenes in that particular film.

She also shared a very emotional scene with Meryl Streep.


Her second Oscar nomination came after she played the leading role in The Help (2011), a film that includes Emma Stone and Academy Award-winner Octavia Spencer. Davis finally won the Oscar for her supporting role in Fences (2016), which starred Denzel Washington.

Coincidentally, Viola Davis won the Oscar the same year that her former co-star, Emma Stone, won her first Oscar for playing “Mia” in Damien Chazelle’s musical sensation La La Land. Another coincidence was that Octavia Spencer was nominated with Viola Davis in that same category after Spencer won her first Oscar for her supporting role in The Help.

Currently, Viola Davis has achieved a lot of success with the ABC television drama How to Get Away with Murder. She is also set to star in a film about Harriet Tubman. Davis is definitely leaving her mark on show business amidst the controversy surrounding the differences between African-American entertainers and other types of performers.

Alex Phuong