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Peter O’Toole’s enduring legacy


Learn about one of the greatest actors of all time who has never won an Oscar.

Born on August 2nd, 1932, Peter O’Toole was one of the greatest actors in cinematic history. He has played King Richard II twice in Becket and The Lion in Winter, and has received nominations for both of those performances. He has also acted alongside Katharine Hepburn and starred in a remake of the 1939 classic Goodbye, Mr. Chips in 1969. Some of his other memorable roles include playing the title role of Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and having a role in the Oscar-winning epic The Last Emperor (1987).

Peter O’Toole has the unique record of having a total of eight Academy Award nominations without any wins. His former co-star, Richard Burton, had a total of seven. Before O’Toole’s unfortunate passing in 2013, he received an Honorary Award and his final nomination in 2007 for Venus. Besides that final nomination, one of his final roles was providing the voice of Anton Ego in the Oscar-winning Pixar film Ratatouille. Peter O’Toole might have never won an Academy Award, but he still has an enduring legacy.


Alex Phuong