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WWE cancels Talking Smack


Talking Smack has been canceled.

WWE has scaled back Talking Smack to being only after pay per views, effectively canceling the show.

The show first aired on August 2nd of 2016, as a supplement to Smackdown going live. The show was hosted by Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan and Renee Young and caught fans attention by featuring unscripted interviews with WWE talent. The show contrasted heavily against the extremely arranged nature of Raw and Smackdown and fans took notice. The show introduced hot angles that seemed real, particularly the Daniel Bryan vs Miz feud that had Miz insult Bryan over his inability to wrestle. Daniel Bryan, who more than anyone said whatever he wanted on the show, would reply that he’d wrestle if WWE would allow him and teased leaving the company when his contract was up.

Talking Smack lost steam over its nearly yearlong run. The addition of 205 Live pushed Talking Smack back a hour, separating it from the show it supplemented. Also Smackdown lost several of Talking Smack’s highlight stars in the superstar shake up, notably The Miz, Maryse, and Alexa Bliss. The loss of viewers has pushed the show to the cancellation line. It’s worth noting that Talking Smack often outperformed 205 Live in viewers, but since 205 Live is tied to the success of the entire cruiserweight division it’s getting more time.

Renee Young’s interview show Unfiltered has also been canceled.

Jack Logan

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