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The Loud House is getting a movie?


Is it too soon for Nickelodeon’s popular animated series to get a film adaptation?

Back in March, it was announced by Paramount Pictures that The Loud House Movie will be coming to theaters on February 7, 2020. When it comes out, it will become Nickelodeon’s sixth film to be adapted from one of their Nicktoons.

It will be based on The Loud House, which originally premiered on May 2, 2016. The show is about a boy named Lincoln Loud, the only son of the Loud family, and his ten sisters Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily. The show is considered to be a “slice of life” series and often avoids featuring fantastical elements such as magic or talking animals.

The first five Nicktoons* that have previously received film adaptations were Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, Hey Arnold!, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. With the exception of The Last Airbender, the films have served as continuations to their respective series. They retain their traditional 2D animation only with a bigger budget and some CG, feature A-list celebrities alongside the series’ voice actors, and present stories which may be too dark for television (such as heavily implying death).

The Loud House Movie is a big risk for both Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon for the following three reasons.

Their Track Record With Nicktoon Films

Rugrats, SpongeBob, and The Wild Thornberrys were all successful at the box office and received sequels. On the other hand, both Hey Arnold! The Movie and The Last Airbender were failures for different reasons. The former had to wait more than a decade and a half to even get a made-for-TV sequel, Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie, while the latter is unlikely to ever get a sequel.

The Series’ Future

The TV show is currently airing its second season. If it continues to air on its current schedule, where four to five new episodes premiere every month except December, the film may come out in the midst of a potential fourth or even fifth season. At the time of writing, the show has been renewed up to a third season.

The Film Itself

Not much is known about the film aside from the release date. The only notable information on its IMDb page is Lala Sloatman being listed alongside the series’ voice cast. Sloatman’s most recent role was the 2010 live action film Somewhere and her only previous animation credits are guest roles on The Cartoon Cartoon Show and The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat. In addition, without giving away spoilers, the cast list features two recurring characters who have been somewhat written out of the series.

Unless something new is announced later this week at San Diego Comic-Con, it may be a while before anything else about the film is revealed.

The Loud House Movie will come to theaters on February 7, 2020. The Loud House currently airs weekdays on Nickelodeon. Check your local listings.

What do you think about The Loud House? Is it good enough to get a film adaptation? Will the film actually make it to theaters? Could it be Nickelodeon’s next big box office hit? Feel free to respond down in the comments section.

*Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Barnyard were both first films and eventually became the Nicktoons known as The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Back at the Barnyard, respectively.

Joel Garcia

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