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Shooting wraps on Avengers: Infinity War


The much-awaited superhero threequel has officially completed filming

After nine months of production, shooting has now wrapped on the Marvel Studios epic sequel Avengers: Infinity War, perhaps the most hotly anticipated superhero film yet. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo after Joss Whedon opted out of returning a third time, filming took place in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Edinburgh and Durham in the UK. The huge cast of returning actors spotted on set included Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Evans, in addition to a huge amount of stand-ins for CGI characters to be created in post-production.

Although exact plot details are understandably being kept close to the chest, we do know the film will be based on the famed Infinity Gauntlet saga written for Marvel comics by Jim Starlin in the early 1990’s. This story saw the galaxy’s mightiest heroes do battle with mad titan Thanos (here played by Josh Brolin), who is dead set on stealing the six Infinity Gems which will grant him near-omnipotence.

The movie is set for release on 27th of April next year in the UK followed by a US release a week later. While this is quite a way off, Marvel Studios’ top talent is currently in attendance at D23 Expo and will be headlining several panels at San Diego Comic Con later this month so it isn’t altogether out of the question that we might get some teaser footage very soon! Watch this space.

Michael Gavas

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