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Jane Lynch’s contributions to television and film


Learn about the career of one of the most prolific entertainers working today.

The TV show Glee might have concluded in 2015, but Jane Lynch is still going strong. Born on July 14, 1960, Lynch did not have her start in the acting business until she was 28. Her first acting role was as Ms. Lindstrom in Vice Versa (1988). Since then, she has performed in the form of guest appearances on a variety of television shows ranging from Frasier to Married with Children. Jane Lynch’s prominence was mainly through television during the early stages of her career.

Then in 2009, Jane Lynch rose to fame exponentially. She played Sue Sylvester on the musical television show Glee from 2009 to 2015, a role that required her to play a villainous character who offers snarky remarks against everybody at William McKinley High School. This coveted supporting role allowed Lynch to win a Golden Globe Award in 2011. At the height of her fame, she also married Lara Embry in 2010, but they sadly divorced in 2014.

Recently, Jane Lynch has been working on a variety of different projects. She provided her voice for the character Calhoun in Wreck-It Ralph, and is doing that again for the sequel set for release in 2018. She has also had the role of Diana Reid in the TV series Criminal Minds. Jane Lynch might not be married, but that is not stopping her from having a prolific entertainment career!

Alex Phuong

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