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Princess Diana – The rebel and forward thinker


The documentary by Princes William and Harry show how their late mother was not afraid to break royal protocol and show human emotion.

Leading up to the twenty year  anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, her sons William and Harry put a documentary together recently. This documentary showed that the late Princess had a rebellious side and was not afraid to challenge royal protocol.

Despite marrying at the ripe old age of nineteen, Diana tried to give her sons a normal life, by taking them to theme parks or out for a burger. Diana even challenged the paparazzi who harassed them on holiday.

When it comes to dress code the monarchy has  a strict protocol. One of them is wearing gloves. Not only did the Princess abandon this protocol, she also shook hands with  AIDS and leprosy victims. The various causes that Diana tirelessly worked for showed her human side.

Following her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana’s dress sense displayed  her rebellion further. She wore  black when her divorce was announced. This is a colour royals  normally keep for funerals. Diana’s skirt lengths were shorter and she was seen posing in swimwear on holiday.

Diana’s sons and daughter in law have followed in her footsteps. William and Harry are carrying on with the good work their late mother started and there appears to be more respect for privacy. When it comes to fashion Kate Middleton has also broken royal protocol a few times with off the shoulder numbers and short skirt lengths.

More recently Prince Harry talked openly about the depression he went through following his mother’s death. Diana also openly talked about her battles with eating disorders and suicide attempts. These can still be taboo subjects in any society however it puts a different perspective when members of the royal family openly admit to facing these issues.

This gives a message that there is nothing wrong with some rule breaking, relaxing some protocols and above all admitting to having depression or suicidal thoughts, despite the stigma that could be attached to it.

An institution may have rules or protocol, but this does not mean there is no scope for flexibility and making a few changes. From workplaces to society, everybody can learn from the late princess’s way of thinking, as it has played a part in the royal family we see today.

Mayapee Chowdhury

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