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Miami will rename one of its streets after “Moonlight”

Despite its themes being fairly universal, “Moonlight” is a Miami story that involves circumstances familiar to its residents.

The ending might not be the happiest for its protagonist Chiron, but it promotes, more than anything, the idea of living life on your own terms and resisting a course expected of you, according to the Independent.

To celebrate this, Miami-Dade commissioners have decided to honour Barry Jenkins’ film by naminga street in Liberty City “Moonlight Way”. “This movie – at least what I got from it – really depicts the life of how a lot of us were raised and what we had to go through and endure as children in the inner city,” said Commissioner Audrey Edmonson, who is sponsoring the name.


“This goes out to children still living here in the inner city that are told they’ll never amount to anything. It shows that it doesn’t matter how you were raised or where you grew up; you can still turn out to be someone.”

She also added that national attention must be brought to the outskirts. The re-naming of the road might help closing the gap between Miami’s rich and poor people. “To everyone, I’d say it’s still not too late to watch it. It will bring awareness to those not brought up that way,” Audrey Edmonson said. “It definitely shows what goes on in the city.”

The director of the movie, Barry Jenkins, thinks that Miami itself deserves some credit. He said: “I was asked once: ‘Were you ever afraid you were making a movie that was too beautiful because the subject matter was too heavy?’ And I was like, ‘Miami is a beautiful place. I remember green grass and bright lights, and to have tried to remove those things in service of a dark story would have been immoral.”

Daisy Wilder