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Opinion: America’s need for electric cars and alternative fuel sources


American overreliance on oil and fossil fuels may cripple our planet. Therefore, investing in clean alternative energy is a requirement for a healthy nation.

Vehicles such as the Tesla Roadster and the Chevy Volt represent more than luxurious modern cars. They represent the next logical step forward for the automotive marketplace. Alternative energy sources such as hydrogen, hemp, and electricity can now become harnessed to power vehicles and other industrial tools. More than ever before, America has become overreliant on dwindling oil, coal, there and fossil fuel supplies.

I highly suspect that within Donald Trump’s regime, this unsettling pattern will continue to get worse. Given Trump’s commitment to increased military spending at the expense of everything else, I also suspect Trump will use military resources to overtax our dwindling coal and oil supplies until they can become depleted no more. Given Trump’s antipathy towards the EPA and his hostility towards the ACA, this is not an incorrect probability.


Our dwindling natural resources is why electric run or hybrid vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Volt and the Tesla Roadster remain so important towards the modern American economy. Fewer resources burned up on our roads means more drivers on the roads. The less dependent we become on oil and fossil fuels, the more we can stretch out and utilize these resources to their full potential without running empty.

By combining hydrogen sources, hemp, electricity, solar, and other alternative fuel sources to our economy on simple appliances, we will not only reduce the damage to our planet but to our wallets as well.

Simon Stravitz