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Young Europeans wait surprisingly long to say goodbye to mom and dad

The estimated average age of young people leaving the parental household in the European Union was, in 2015, 26.1 years old, with women leaving home at 25.1 years old while men moved from their parents’ house at 27.2 years old, according to data provided by the European Statistical Office (Eurostat).

In the United Kingdom, young people usually move out of their parents’ house at around 24.4 years old. Men are taking this step when they are 25.3 years old, while women move out earlier, before turning 24.

The lowest average age at which young people leave the parental home was recorded in the Nordic Member States. Swedes take this step at the average age of 19.7 years old, followed by the Danes (21.1 years), Finns (21.9 years), the residents of Luxembourg (23.1 years), Estonians (23.6 years), Dutch (23.7 years), Germans (23.8 years) and French (23.9 years).


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Young people in Croatia live with their parents for the longest period of time, after they turn 31 years old. People in Malta, Slovakia and Italy move out after they turn 30.

The age at which young people leave parental household

According to data provided by Eurostat, women leave their parental home earlier than men.

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Madeline Gorthon