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Twitter down, as website and app wouldn’t load

The company’s website and app appeared to be broken, with no chance of coming back.

Users who tried to reach the website saw it trying to load for a while and then stopping, with a message saying that the site can’t be reached. Similar problems occured to its app and Tweetdeck.

The technical problems came in the middle of UK’s local election and the aftermath of the Republican’s healthcare vote, according to the Independent.


Twitter’s glitch came hours after WhatsApp went down, taking many people’s conversations with it.

Twitter constantly has problems with its apps and website, albeit not as much as it used to. In its earlier stages, Twitter users were fairly familiar with the „fail whale”, a drawing that came up when the social network broke.

The website Down Detector saw a rise in reports this morning, but issues with Twitter were reporter yesterday as well.

Daisy Wilder