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The companies that offer the biggest salaries in the UK


If you are wondering which are the best-paying companies and which sectors can earn you the best salaries, Glassdor has revealed the annual ranking of the highest paying companies in the UK. The study conducted by the jobs site found salaries at some companies average more than £100,000 a year.

Tech and finance sectors dominate the ranking when it comes to large salaries in the UK..

Cloud computing firm Salesforce were paid best at £110,000, followed by Facebook (£95,600), consultancy firm McKinsey (£92,800), Deutsche Bank (£90,000) and software firm SAP (£90,000).


“Bankers tend to get pretty hefty bonuses, since successful traders can bring huge company returns, and tech salaries tend to be high because of a shortage in specialist skills such as data science and software engineering.”, saus Andrew Chamberlain of Glassdoor.

The 10 best-paying companies in 2017 according to Glassdoor

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most widely used customer relationship management systems worldwide. The company employs more than 19,000 people globally and the median salary reaches to £110,000, while the median base salary goes up to £75,000.

2. Facebook

Facebook dominates the social media landscape with over over a billion active users per day. Facebook also owns both WhatsApp and Instagram and offers its employees a median salary base salary of £72,000, while the median total compensation is £95,600.

3. McKinsey & Company


McKinsey is the best paying consultancy in the UK and one of the best in the world. The employees receive a median base salary of £83,400 and median total compensation of up to£92,800.

4. Deutsche Bank

Germany’s largest banking group, and one of the giants of the global sector, Deutsche Bank pays its employees a median base salary of £80,000 and total compensation of £90,000.

5. SAP

SAP has 77,000 employees globally, and more than 290,000 customers worldwide.  In 2016 it was the UK’s best paying company, but slips in this year’s ranking. Its employees receive a median base salary of £70,000 and a median total compensation of £90,000.

6. Royal Bank of Canada

Canada’s biggest bank has substantial operations in the United Kingdom. Its employees receive a median base salary of £75,000 and median total compensation of £85,000.

7. Macquarie Group

The Australian headquartered group has total assets of close to $480 billion and 15,000 employees globally. The median base salary is £70,000, while median total compensation £83,000.

8. Microsoft

The IT giant Microsoft provides software worldwide and offers its employees a median base salary of £70,000 and median total compensation of £81,010.

9. Nomura International

Nomura is one of Japan’s biggest banking and securities company. The company offers a median base salary of £75,000, while median total compensation of £80,000.

10. Credit Suisse

One of Switzerland’s top banks, Credit Suisse employs 46,000 people globally, 6,600 of whom are in London. The median base salary is £73,500, while median total compensation go up to  £80,000.

John Michaelle