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Mercedes enters the energy sector with storage batteries

Mercedes-Benz, part of German giant Daimler, is following the footsteps of Tesla and enters the energy sector, according to NewAtlas.

More specifically, the company is offering batteries for homes. These are manufactured by Deutsche ACCUmotive, the Daimler division that produces Lithium-Ion batteries necessary to the hybrid models already offered by the company.

Besides the auto world, the batteries can also be used for storing the energy produced by solar panels or wind turbines.


Each ”battery” has a storage capacity of 2,5 kWh of energy, but the system is modular, therefore eight such units can be grouped, resulting in a maximum capacity of 20 kWh. These can be integrated in a single place, thus offering an improved visual look.

The Tesla systems have 7,5 kWh and 10 kWh, but the maximum they can handle is of 58 kWh.

According to Mercedes-Benz, installing the batteries can increase the consumption of energy produced in the house by up to 65%.

Instead of putting the electricity into the grid, the battery allows for it to be stored for the future moments in which there won’t be sunlight, such as the night, or when the wind does not blow.

The prices vary for every individual system, but they usually include a system of solar panels, an invertor and the batteries themselves. The users also have to pay for the installation. Overall, such a system costs around $10,000, the equivalent of around €9,200, according to the cited source.

Daniel Higgson