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LinkedIn CEO just gave the best career advice

One of the most difficult things one has to face is negative feedback. Some might take it very personally, while other simply brush it off. One thing is clear changing your mindset in the right direction could give you the necessary confidence which allows you not to let negative comments affect you.

The recent advice posted by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner could be one of the best career advice you should learn.

Weiner wrote: ”Even negative feedback can be a gift. Take it seriously but don’t let it define you. Define yourself.”


Handling well negative feedback is a sign of emotional intelligence, a more and more valued skill. Having the ability to make emotions work for you, rather than against you is surely going to improve the trajectory of your career.

Negative feedback can stir up easily negative emotions but Weiner advises to consider it a gift, no matter the if it was not constructive and even completely off base. What you should take away is the insight you can improve yourself.

Moreover, this is an opportunity to understand the perspective of those who see things differently than you and better explain yourself, to change and adapt yourself to reach more people, in a better manner.

So when you receive negative feedback you should take it as an opportunity to improve yourself not to waste time and make negative scenarios. As Weiner points out, it’s vital not to let negative feedback define you.

Alexa Stewart