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Emergence of the smartphone app freelancer: Part 2


Still going on interviews and not getting the job? Still waiting on the call? Got a few ideas of ways to make money but too afraid to step out there? Or just stepping out and trying to build your own schedule and don’t know where to start? Well, I found another smartphone app to add to my freelancing that seems pretty promising, JOP…

My last article Emergence of the Smartphone app Freelancer got me thinking. I’ve been hustling to build my dream, why not share my ways of paying rent with other dream builders looking to hustle? Legally, of course. So I thought I’d do part two and tell you a little about JOP, another platform blazing the industry, the smartphone app platform that lets people hire you personally for their needs!

Just a quick recap of Emergence Part 1. I talked to you about my experience with Wonolo, the Temp agency Style Smartphone app that sends jobs straight to your phone from various industries. Click the hyper link above to reference the article.


Now, to get on board with JOP, it’s pretty much a similar beginning process as Wonolo. I downloaded the app and applied. Easy peasy! But where JOP differed from Wonolo is that I had to pick the skill I was best at and, quite frankly, I feel I do many things well. I usually don’t like to limit myself to one type of job either, only because I’m kinda out here trying new things while making my own schedule; that’s a luxury I would hate to give up being boxed into one category. So initially I went forward with the background check, passed it, then abandoned the application and email from support to schedule a phone call.

I was out one day with a friend and he told me about how much money he made putting together IKEA furniture for customers. I’m thinking if I can get paid for doing what I do everyday, I’m on it. “So it’s on JOP! You get on, tell them what you want to do and what you do well and get paid for it!”

There was JOP again, looking me in the face (figuratively speaking of course) and since Wonolo worked so well for me, why not? I downloaded JOP once again and my info was saved! I started with an over the phone interview which lasted an hour. They asked questions like as a bartender, what special cocktail I’d make for a wedding party and their guests if they really liked vodka and what would be the ingredients. Seriously, it made me feel like I would be amongst legit, respectable contractors not just providing ordinary services, we were apart of an all-star team. I passed that part of the JOP and went in to a webinar. I was amazed at how thorough the JOP rep was. Got all my questions answered, set up my profile and waited. It’s been about two weeks, and I’m sure it takes time, but I’m still waiting. I truly feel JOP will be a good fit once I do my first JOP and hopefully get a good rating. Def think it’s worth a shot! I even found a way to add more skills to the platform.

Stay tuned for the next article, because not only did I find another hustle, but I got to keep you posted on the JOP’N.

Eternanda Fudge