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These jobs could earn you a fortune

If you are looking for a well paid job or thinking about a career change there are a few surprising ones that have a higher salary than you would expect.

Here is a list of jobs that could earn you a fortune.

Proof Reader


Human resources specialists have highlighted the importance of an error-free CV countless times. Proof readers can earn up to £20 an hour if they can create a great CV.

Estate Agents in Dubai

Property sales consultants in Dubai can earn more than £300,000.

Home Bargains Manager

Home and bargains managers can earn more than £35,00. Supermarkets in UK are also known for rewarding their store managers with high salaries and attractive perks.

Super Headteacher

Teachers who look after multiple schools can earn surprisingly high salaries. Last year it was revealed that Lambeth super head Sir Craig Tunstall earned £374,000 a year, more than double what Theresa May bags for being Prime Minister.


Air Traffic Controller

The average pay for air traffic controllers is £81,132. In 2016, the salary rose by £3,045 from 2015, which means it could be a good long term career prospect if you’re one of the very few successful candidates.

Tractor Mechanic

Those who love repairing cars could earn good money as tractor mechanics. Job adverts for technicians capable of working on tractors, trucks and trailers routinely come with salaries upwards of £30k and even £40k.

Elevator Repair Technician

A very in demand job is elevator repair technician. Maintenance engineers who can work with elevators and escalators can make £50,000 a year without bonus.

Alexa Stewart