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Tories split between different Brexits


Although it seemed like the main source of division would be Leave and Remain, it seems that the Tories are becoming divided due to what kind of Brexit to aim at.

There seems to be two main schools of thought-the one where you can have everything and the one that you might lose everything. Though there might be several shades in between.

Boris seems to have adopted the first School in that he implies that you can have your cake and eat it. He believes that in funding the EU that money has been siphoned off to the wrong places, but he believes it can be fixed without any further expense.


Phillip Hammond in contrast believes that we will have to spend money to change things. Because of this his policy is to keep Brexit as soft as possible and to concentrate on the harm it might do to British businesses.

David Davis believes that although Brexit will be complicated to do it can be settled in comparatively short amount of time. He is still angling for the original type of Brexit.

Meanwhile it is difficult to work out what Theresa May wants, many people feel she is after a hard Brexit but this is only taking into account the Queen’s Speech and so on. Things are certainly complex here.

Paul Wimsett