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The bill for Brexit might cause May to walk


The financial cost for Brexit could be the breaking point for constructive talks with the EU and business leaders have been advised to prepare.

In a recent article in the Sunday Telegraph it has been disclosed that the cost of Brexit might lead to a breakdown in talks with the EU. The Telegraph has advised, that internal sources, have stated that such a move would highlight the importance of showing a resilient approach to Brexit, for the benefit of the British public.



David Davis advised that Britain would not pay the large sum of 100 billion Euros (87 billion GBP) to leave the EU. However, the EU would not begin to negotiate a trade deal until such a figure has been agreed. At the moment, there are discussions taking place to agree a formula that could be used to calculate the tab for leaving the EU.


It is thought that discussions relating to the Cost of Brexit were conducted after the General Election which saw the Tories lose their majority. As a consequence of the snap General Election, May has slashed her majority, and has entered into a controversial alliance with the DUP, in a vain attempt to hold power. The tentative position of the UK government does not leave them in a strong position to make demands and bargain a good deal, which would explain the rumours that May might walk away from constructive talks. The Telegraph have not disclosed the source of the insider information.