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Great Britain blocking the SkyNews inquiry with lack of cooperation

The inquiry in the SkyNews file in the case of the reportage with gun-runners reportedly operating in Romania is blocked by a lack of response from authorities in Great Britain, UKCA and Central Authority for England and Wales, that have officially received the addressed letters rogatory made by DIICOT (Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism) – on August 17, 2016, judicial sources state.

The cited sources claim that the case prosecutor cannot proceed further on with the inquiry after the national procedures have all been performed and is still awaiting response from British authorities for continuing the inquiry regarding the foreign aspect and the journalist that orchestrated and published the inculpative material, as well as his colleagues.

The cited sources claim that the DIICOT magistrate has performed all inquiry acts regarding the three Romanian culprits, brothers Atilla Csaba Pantics and Levente Pantics and Mihai Aurelian Szabo, with the inquiry coming to a hault while waiting response to the addressed letters rogatory.

Released due to a lack of response

The three culprits that were under preventive arrest in Romania have been released by the rights and liberties judge at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, that realized those were in prison while waiting a response from British Authorities.

At the same time, the judge realizes that, compared to the previous prolonging of the preventive arrest measure, there have been changes to the initial reasons of arrest (favorable to the culprits), more specifically the circumstance that there have been another 30 days since the culprits have been under the most severe preventive measures, that the necessity of prolonging is requested through the addressed letters rogatory and by receiving response from British judicial authorities.

The judge also realizes that, with the approval of the defense, that the lack of cooperation, the passiveness manifested by British judicial authorities (a country that signed the agreement regarding international judicial cooperation) cannot be imputed to the culprits, with the exclusive guilt of the authorities excluding the necessity of prolonging the arrest”, the judge noted in his explanation for the moment of their release.

On October 10, 2016, judges from the Upper Bench of Justice maintained with a definitive decision the decision of the magistrate from the Bucharest Court of Appeal to replace preventive arrest with judicial control in the case of the three.

Letters rogatory (formal request from a court to a foreign court for some type of judicial assistance)

On August 17,2016, DIICOT sent to UKCA and Central Authority for England and Wales in Great Britain an addressed letters rogatory.

Giving all the recordings made by the British journalist team between July 29 and 31 on Romanian territory regarding the assumed gun traffic, including the unedited ones DIICOT requested in the document ”audience of suspects Stuart Ross Ramsay, Craig Stuart Summers and Jaspul Singh,– all British citizens –by the British judicial authorities, in the presence of Romanian case prosecutor within DIICOT and the delegated judicial police officer, making citation procedures, according to official documents.

Donald Scott