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Volcano in Alaska erupts again prompts scientist to emit red code

Bogoslof Volcano in Alaska erupted for a third time in just four days, prompting scientist at the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) to emit a red code and a warning alert status.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory announced that following the hour-long explosive eruption that occurred Friday morning beginning at about 09:30 AKST (18:30 UTC), seismicity, as recorded on nearby islands, has remained elevated and variable during the day.

Scientist say the submarine vent for the eruption is immediately adjacent to the northeast shore of Bogoslof Island and there is apparently continuous interaction of hot eruptive products with sea water.

“Although there is no evidence of current strong explosive activity, based on the unpredictability of the situation and the occurrence of three explosive eruptions in the past four days, the status of the volcano remains Aviation Color Code at RED and Alert Status WARNING,” a report shows.

Unalaska Island, located about 61 miles from the volcano, is the closest populated area.

AVO says it has no ground-based volcano monitoring equipment on Bogoslof volcano and will monitor satellite images and data from distant seismic and infrasound instruments for indications of significant activity.

According to the scientist, other Alaska volcanoes show no signs of significant unrest.

John Beckett