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Google introduces bandwidth saving technology for viewing photographs

Using a new technology called RAISR, Google says users can now view high quality versions of low-resolution images. This will save them data usage and money.

The new technology used by Google on it’s social platform Google+ is called RAISR and was introduced in November 2016. The technology uses machine learning to produce great quality versions of low-resolution images, allowing users to see photos as the photographers intended them to be seen.

“By using RAISR to display some of the large images on Google+, we’ve been able to use up to 75 percent less bandwidth per image we’ve applied it to,” John Nack, product manager at Google+ said.


Google has only begun to roll this out for high-resolution images when they appear in the streams of a subset of Android devices but Nack says they’re already applying RAISR to more than 1 billion images per week, reducing these users’ total bandwidth by about a third.

Google plans to roll this technology out more broadly in the coming weeks.

John Beckett