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Inventor of Apple technology, now going at Tesla

He invented one of the most important technologies at Apple, but he decided to leave the company.  Chris Lattner is the inventor of the Swift programming language, used for creating apps for iOS and Mac.

Lattner wrote on a mailing list that he is leaving Apple towards the end of the month to pursue an opportunity in another space.

Later on, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla announced Lattner to become Vice President of the company, being responsible for the autopilot software of the cars.

Lattner will replace Jinnah Hosein, that temporarily occupied the position. Hosein will go back to Space X, the other company under Elon Musk‘s control, where he will have a full-time schedule.

Lattner came to Apple in 2005 after creating another tool, LLVM, for its Ph.D. Thesis. LLVM was incorporated in Apple‘s programming tools, and he later went on to create Swift.

Swift was launched in 2014.

Daniel Higgson