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American city Las Vegas is introducing autonomous shuttle buses – VIDEO

American city Las Vegas, Nevada, started a programme of testing autonomous electric shuttle buses, with tests taking place until January 20, according to Las Vegas Sun.

The vehicles are called Arma and are manufactured by a company named Navya, from Paris. Las Vegas is the first American city to install such a public mean of transport.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman went on the first ride with the new vehicles. “Being the control freak that I am, I was very nervous to get on this vehicle, but it is clean, has beautiful air and moves sort of swiftly but so beautifully down Fremont East”, Goodman says.

The shuttles can carry 12 people and are operating at a maximum speed of 27 miles per hour (43 kilometers per hour).

Even though the testing programme lasts only two weeks, local authorities say that the system will be fully operational in the city until the end of summer or the beginning of autumn.

The vehicles are using radars in order to avoid obstacles, as well as GPS technology for help with the navigation.

Henri Coron, Navya vice president, says that the vehicle and its associated services will cost around $10,000 per month.

Navya vehicles are already used on public roads in France since the end of 2015, carrying over 100,000 people with a fleet of around 30 vehicles.

Daniel Higgson