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#InspiredByHer. Hillary Clinton, the first woman in the history of the USA nominated for presidency by a major party

Hillary Clinton, the second woman to have candidated for becoming president of the USA, it is one of today’s most powerful political figures. Even though she was raised in a family with a Republican father, Hillary showed Democratic beliefs as a teenager. In 2016, she became the first woman in the history of the United States to gain the support of a major party for the presidential race: the Democratic Party.

Hillary Diane Rodham – her maiden name – was born on October 26, 1947, as the first child of Dorothy and Hugh Rodham. She also has two brothers, Hugh and Tony.

Hillary Clinton
Photo: Facebook/Hillary Clinton

As a child, her parents gave her an education based on conservative principles and the Methodist religious teachings.

She initially studied at Main East High School, then she and other of her colleagues were transferred to Maine South High School, from where she graduated in 1965. She then went on to study Political Sciences at Wellesley College.

In her first year there, she was president of the group Wellesley Young Republicans, and she later gave up her position. She was later chosen as the president of Wellesley College Government Association.

After Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, Hillary Rodham organized a two-day student strike and she closely collaborated with black students at Wellesley.

Life: ”Hillary Rodham, one of students’ most important leaders”

In 1969, Hillary first came into the public eye after she gave a speech criticizing the attitude Republican senator Edward Brooke showed towards the young generation. Following this speech, “Life” magazine published an article about the five most important student leaders from the class of 1969, including Hillary Rodham.

Hillary Clinton
Photo: Facebook/Hillary Clinton

After graduating from Wellesley, Hillary Rodham was accepted at Yale Law School, where she met her future husband William “Bill” Clinton. The two started a relationship in 1971.

Once she graduated from Yale, Hillary worked as a member of the impeachment inquiry staff during the Watergate scandal, and she later moved to Arkansas with Bill Clinton, where she became a lawyer advocating for the rights of the under-privileged and taught at the School of Law within the University of Arkansas.

Hillary Clinton
Photo: Facebook/Hillary Clinton

Marriage to Bill Clinton and the couple’s daughter

In 1975, Hillary and Bill Clinton married in a small private ceremony. The following year, Bill Clinton was elected General Attorney in Arkansas, while his wife was involved in Jimmy Carter’s winning electoral campaign. Hillary Clinton also joined famous company Rose Law Firm, where she was the first female associate and the first female partner.

In 1977, Hillary Clinton was appointed president of Legal Services Corporation by president Carter.

Between 1979 and 1992, she led the Committee of Educational Standards in Arkansas, and founded the organization “Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families ”, as well as being a part of the boards at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and various other institutions.

In 1980, Hillary gave birth to the couple’s only child: Chelsea.

Between 1988 and 1991, “The National Law Journal” named her one of USA’s most successful lawyers.

Hillary Clinton, First Lady

Hillary Clinton became First Lady in 1993, after Bill Clinton was elected President. He went on to appoint her as head of the Clinton health care plan (1993 – 1994), that wasn’t approved by the Congress, though.

In 1995, on the occasion of Fourth World Conference on Women, Hillary Clinton gave an empowering speech drawing attention upon the abuse on women.

Hillary Clinton in the race for The White House

In 2000, Hillary Clinton became the first President wife to later candidate and be elected for a public position, becoming a Senator for the state of New York. She was later re-elected for a second term.

In early 2007 she joined the race for The White House, yet she lost the early elections within the Democratic Party to Barack Obama. Nevertheless, after Obama became president, he suggested the former First Lady to be Secretary a State, and she accepted.

She thus went on to visit 112 countries and tried to promote human rights within international relations, as well as coordinating the American diplomatic response regarding the Arab Spring, concluding the military intervention in Libya.

On February 1, 2013, Hillary Clinton resigned and took responsibility for the way the Benghazi situation was handled. On September 11, 2012, the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi (Lybia) was the target of a terrorist attack that led to the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

In April 2015, Hillary Clinton announced she will once again candidate for The White House. After an intense early campaign within the Democratic Party, on July 28, 2016, the former First Lady became the first woman in the history of the United States to gain support from a major party for the presidential race.

Hillary Clinton
Photo: Facebook/Hillary Clinton

However, she lost the November 2016 elections to Republican Donald Trump.

Scandals that shaped Hillary Clinton’s personal and professional life

During her long career, Hillary Clinton also had less pleasant or controversial moments. For example, in the ’90s, Bill Clinton admitted to have had an affair with an intern at The White House, Monica Lewinsky, while he was still president. Nevertheless, Hillary bravely faced the press and the public, reaffirming her total involvement in her marriage. On the other hand, there were certain rumours at the time according to which the former First Lady would have wanted a divorce, though.

Regarding her professional activity, in March 2015 it was revealed that Hillary Clinton used a private server for her emails instead of a governmental one during her time as Secretary of State, something which would have allowed her to avoid the monitoring of official communications.

FBI opened an inquiry the same year, but there were insufficient evidence for a conviction. At the end of October 2016, though, Director of the FBI, announced that the inquiry would be recommenced.

Another controversy appeared after CNN journalists started that Hillary and Bill Clinton won over $153mn as commissions received for the speeches held between 2001 and 2015. The two held 729 speeches and received an average sum of $210,795 for each apparition.

Hillary Clinton
Photo: Facebook/Hillary Clinton

The presidential couple would have also received $7,7mn from the 39 speeches held for financial institutions and large banks, including Goldman Sachs, UBS and CitiGroup. Hillary Clinton would have received $1,8mn for her 8 speeches given to employees of large banks.

Bill Clinton started receiving double or even triple commissions for speeches after his wife became US Secretary of State.

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