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The United Airlines passanger who got dragged off the plane might become a millionaire

Doctor David Lao, the man who was violently removed from a United flight on April 9, might become really wealthy.

“He [Dao] will always be messed up from this. There’s going to be enough money from this settlement that will enable generations of his family to be well off,” New York attorney, Randy Zelin of Randy Scott Zelin P.C. said in a statement given exclusively to Hollywoodlife. “I would say a fair starting number would be the millions. He’s going to be very wealthy”.

New York lawyer Ylber Albert Dauti from The Dauti Law Firm thinks “it is safe to say that he will be a millionaire after all is said and done”.

“Yes, technically, the airline has the right to remove a passenger from the plane, but only for the right reasons, such as the passenger’s violent behavior or other conduct that endangers the well being of other passengers,” he also adds. “In this case, the airline was clearly wrong to do what it did”.

According to former Federal Prosecutor and Managing Partner of Wildes&Weinberg P.C., Michael Wildes, Dao can sue the airline and the police for physical battery and assault, “which is beyond the protocol of police conduct”.

He also believes that the doctor could have suffered the following:“intentional infliction of emotional distress; damaged reputation; potential consequences to his patients; consequential damages for any work loss; emotional and psychological damage to Dao and his family.”

If the case makes it to to the court, lawyer Randy Zelin thinks the jury will be “mortified” after seeing and hearing testimonies regarding the incident. However, he said: “In my opinion, this case will not go to trial; that would be a suicide run for the airlines”.

Daisy Wilder